Read through the Scrapy Contribution Docs for tips relating to writing patches, reporting bugs, and project coding style

These docs describe how to setup and contribute to Scrapyd.

Reporting Issues & Bugs#

Issues should be reported to the Scrapyd project issue tracker on GitHub


Tests are implemented using the Twisted unit-testing framework. Scrapyd uses trial as the test running application.

Running tests#

To run all tests go to the root directory of the Scrapyd source code and run:

trial scrapyd

To run a specific test (say tests/ use:

trial scrapyd.tests.test_poller

Writing tests#

All functionality (including new features and bug fixes) should include a test case to check that it works as expected, so please include tests for your patches if you want them to get accepted sooner.

Scrapyd uses unit-tests, which are located in the scrapyd/tests directory. Their module name typically resembles the full path of the module they’re testing. For example, the scheduler code is in:


And their unit-tests are in:


Installing Locally#

To install a locally edited version of Scrapyd onto the system to use and test, inside the project root run:

pip install -e .